La marche en blanc contre la guerre (2 mars 2002)

Mercredi 3 avril, à 11 h, une quinzaine d' organisations israéliennes entameront une marche vers Ramallah pour apporter leur soutien moral, des vivres et des médicaments aux habitants assiégés.
Pour ceux qui lisent l'anglais, le le programme est çi-dessous.

Wednesday April 3, 2002
A-Ram to Kalandia

What exactly is happening behind the Kalandia checkpoint?
We don't know.
Friends report that in addition to the senseless killing, the widespread destruction, and the siege on Al-Mukataa and Yasser Arafat the recognized Palestinian leader, the Ramallah government hospital as well as other clinics are in desperate need of medical supplies.

Palestinian women's groups have contacted us, relating that there is a huge shortage of basic foods.

Ta'ayush together with Israeli Women's Groups and Physicians for Human Rights have decided to organize a MARCH AGAINST THE WAR.

We must end the cycle of violence by putting an end to the occupation; only then the horrific killing of civilians -- Arabs and Jews --will stop.

Other peace and human rights organizations have already joined and
we call upon all other groups and individuals to participate.

A list of groups who have already joined appears below.
Please let us know if you want us to add your group to the list.

This Is the Plan:

We will march in WHITE (as a symbol of peace and non-violence)
from A-Ram to Kalandia.

Trucks of food and medical supplies destined for the Palestinian Union of Medical Relief and women's organizations will accompany the march which will be comprised of the coalition of organizations and individuals.

Dress Code:
Please dress in white clothes or bring a sheet to wrap around you.

Meeting and Transportation:
We will meet Wednesday April 3 at 11:00 am at the commercial center at the French Hill in Jerusalem.

Buses and cars will leave
TEL-AVIV from Rakevet Tzafon
at 10:00
Contact: Aliha 03-6589983

Buses and cars will leave from
ACRE (ACCO) near taxi stop by Egged
at 8:00
There will be a pickup stop on the highway entrance to TAMRA at 9:00.
Contact: Nabiah Murkus 054-9961631

Bus leaves HAIFA from Solel Boneh
at 8:30
There will be a pickup stops
at the OLGA junction gas station at 9:00 and
at the NETANYA SOUTH gas station at 9:15
Contact: Dalit 04-8622932 or 053-237903

For details about buses from Nazareth and the south call Lili 053-966281

From the French Hill (Jerusalem), buses will take us to A-Ram.

identity cards,
rain proof clothes,
cameras and video equipment,
white sheets.

We will March in all weather.
For more details:
Catherine or call 02-5812275
Kawthar 055-248876
Participating Organizations:
Women's Coalition for a Just Peace,
Gush Shalom.
New Profile,
Women Refuse,
The Fifth Mother,
Va'ad Ha'Studentim Ha'Aravim,
Peace Now, Ben-Gurion University,
Beer-Sheva, Israel
and others